Google extends G Suite identity and security device management to Windows 10 PCs

IT admins are now able to utilize the G Bundle console to fasten G Bundle accounts on Windows 10 using Google’s anti-hijacking and suspicious-login-detection technology.
Administrators can now utilize the G Bundle console to fasten G Bundle accounts on Windows 10 systems using Google’s anti-hijacking and suspicious-login-detection technology, and place those machines to get single-sign-on (SSO) so that Alpha Package account credentials twice as Windows 10 log-in authentication.

The roll-out of this new console capacities began April 27, together with the accelerated release and scheduled launch monitors (the latter is the default option ) starting concurrently instead of staged, as usual.

Administrators must set up the Google Credential Provider to get Windows (GCPW) program on every Windows 10 PC for this device to be handled via the console. Among other items, GCPW links present users’ Windows profiles using their G Bundle accounts.

Establish Windows update choices, provide single sign-on
Google previewed the console-based direction of Windows 10 devices beginning in January, transferring it from the beta phase significantly quicker than usual for its Mountain View, Calif. company.

Once set up, administrators can select to let single-sign-on for G Package along with other Google services, allow users’ G Suite-credentials server as Windows 10 log-on, shield accounts by phoning Google technology to detect suspicious behavior and malware attacks, and decide on a selection of alternatives on the PCs. The latter includes activities like setting Windows update choices, empower BitLocker’s full-disk encryption and remote setting of apparatus.

The new functionality is distinct from what Google knew as”basic apparatus management” back in October, as it outlined the way the default option is to register each system, whether private computer or cellular, in endpoint direction the moment a user logs into G Package via any browser.

That notion was made to create every apparatus observable in the G Suite Admin console so IT could find those that functioning systems have to be updated or may log out in an account when the hardware is stolen or lost.

On precisely the same day, Google announced Windows 10 management; the business also reported to a postponement of necessary device administration. “Because of COVID-19 related action, the complete roll-out of basic device management was postponed in 2020,” Google stated here.

Some G Bundle clients had been served that the primary management choice because the installation has been continuing for the past six weeks.

Updated: April 30, 2020 — 7:12 am

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