Latest Minecraft Earth update adds challenges, collections, and a bunch of mob variants

Minecraft Earth continues to evolve to many people still playing with it, including new features to construct it into a wholly fleshed out game. The brand new upgrade, R17, includes three significant new features, in addition to producing smaller fixes and enhancements to the overall experience. This upgrade is ideal for completionists, who adore building outside collections or completing challenges.

The upgrade includes:

You will find new seasons into the match, with an army of challenges to finish for every season. Exclusive rewards like personality founder items could be obtained through finishing challenges.
Player diary and collections. The brand new player journal keeps track of all of the items players have observed, which means that you currently have groups to fulfill. Collect fresh cubes, dinosaurs, and also objects to finish the collections.
New telescope versions. Ten clean telescope versions are making their way into Minecraft Earth, using the latest releases for cows, cows, cows, sheep, and rabbits. These are to make collections bigger and provide players new items to look for and find.

Additional Adjustments and improvements. Minecraft Earth currently has more in-depth analytics from the profile, recalls more settings between sessions, has fresh experiences to perform, and much more.
The upgrade ought to be available today for those enjoying the Early Accessibility of Minecraft Earth. This appears to be a substantial update to include more objects to achieve and give gamers more motive to go back to the game day after day.

Are you excited about this upgrade? Are you thinking about finishing collections or challenges?

Updated: April 29, 2020 — 6:17 am

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