The Korean firm updates its televisions from two years ago to send content from your Apple devices.

Having a television at home is almost a must. Everyone needs a site from which to play series, movies, play video games or share their favorite content from another device. Currently it is easy to have a good screen in the living room, but the characteristics change from one to another in terms of compatibility. This just needs a small software update like the one that will allow 2018 LG TVs to play content from your iPhone or iPad.

More compatibility on Apple devices

Buying a device today requires looking at certain specifications to know what pays the most. With a little information you can recognize which option is best for you and which is the most interesting to link all the electronic devices in your home, something that is very fashionable. And this is one of the issues that concerns us today as LG has announced that its LG televisions will be compatible with AirPlay 2 and Homekit.

This is great news for all those users who have a TV from the Korean house and a mobile device from the bitten apple. For starters, the AirPlay 2 function allows Apple devices to send multimedia content that is being played with a single button . In the case of Homekit, we are talking about the function that allows adding television to the ecosystem of smart home devices orchestrated by Apple.

In this way, the symbiosis between the devices in the house with your Apple mobile is much greater. This also extends to iPads, devices that also have these functions.

2018 LG TVs will have AirPlay 2

As we mentioned at the beginning of this article, the compatibility of LG televisions with Apple devices has a version limit. That is, the Korean firm will launch an update that will be available for image and sound devices from 2018 onwards, so if your television is later it will still not be compatible.

Of course, there are always ways to send content from your mobile device, whatever the brand, to your TV. This comes with smart TV devices such as Chromecast. This is capable of detecting the content you are looking for in Google Chrome and replicating it on the living room screen without problems.

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