The new update allows activating the Coronavirus exposure notification system without downloading anything else.

In the fight against the Coronavirus, Google and Apple wanted to use technology to help governments and health agencies reduce the spread of the virus, so they announced in early April the creation of a system to track the spread of the Coronavirus. A system that allows users to share data through BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) transmissions and official apps from public health organizations such as the WHO. And always ” r fully broaching the privacy and security of users.”

What is COVID Radar

This system, the API created by both, is part of the Radar Covid app, an official application for mobile devices to alert the contagion of the SARS-CoV-2 virus that a few weeks ago was activated in Spain and can now be downloaded

Those users who have downloaded the application and accept its use will receive a notification in the event that in the 14 days prior to that notification they have been exposed to an epidemiological contact (within 2 meters and more than 15 minutes) with another user ( totally anonymous) that has declared in the application to have given a positive result in the COVID 19 test, after accreditation by the health authorities.

You no longer need to download Radar Covid

Since it is an API that they co-created, Apple gives its users the opportunity to use this system of notifications of exposure to COVID-19 , but “without the need to download any app.” The system is included by default in the new update to iOS 13.7 for your iPhone, and it saves you from having to additionally download Radar Covid app -in some cases.

When you upgrade to iOS 13.7, you will see a new section of the settings menu that includes an option to ” Turn on exposure notifications .” Doing so will let you know if there is an app you can download in your area . Meanwhile, in places where local health authorities have decided to use Apple’s new framework, i OS 13.7 allows you to receive exposure notifications on your device without needing to download a separate app to your phone .

iOS 13.7 also includes “ other bug fixes for the iPho ne”, as Apple points out on its official support website, as well as new Memoji Stickers and sharing the iCloud Drive folder from the Files application.

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