PS4 how to cool and reduce console noise tricks tips

We detail a series of tips and tricks to be able to cool our PlayStation 4 console to prevent it from getting too hot and making noise.

We are in the middle of August and that means that temperatures rise alarmingly . It is something that can affect our electronic devices if we do not protect them adequately, since we will make them work too much and, as you know, it is recommended that they have proper cooling in order to ensure their proper functioning and longevity. Below we detail a series of tips to be able to cool and reduce the noise of our PlayStation 4 console and in this way to be able to enjoy both simple titles such as the successful Fall Guys and complex and detailed works such as The Last of Us Part 2 , among others.

How to cool our PlayStation 4

  • Have a more advanced PS4 model (Slim or Pro): if our console is one of the first to come out, it is more likely that it will get hot, since it is a model that is a few years old and does not have the improvements as of modern chips and internal redesign that the Slim and the PS4 Pro do have . As for the latter, it is more powerful and therefore makes more noise, but it also cools better.
  • Place it vertically and with space around it: since in a horizontal position it does not cool as well (you just have to think about the shape and arrangement of the PC towers). Of course, it is advisable to have a base so that the console can also be cooled by the base. In addition, it is essential that we avoid placing anything on top of the console, since the machine must have enough space to be cooled without problems.
  • The importance of the surface on which we place it: because materials such as wood or cement do not dissipate heat very well, while tiles (found on floors) or other cooler materials do serve to cool. Therefore, we must avoid at all costs placing our PS4 on a carpet or carpet, since it is the worst possible idea if we want it to cool well.
  • Do not turn off the console if it is hot: since the fans will stop working and no matter how loud they make, they need to dissipate the heat. Therefore, we can close the game in question and wait in the menu for the fans to stop going so fast and, therefore, that the console is refrigerated.
  • Strengthen the ventilation of the console: placing additional gadgets such as fans or vertical supports to help it cool better. Of course, the noise will increase due to having even more rotating propellers.
PS4 how to cool and reduce console noise tricks tips

How to reduce the noise of our PlayStation 4

  • Clean it inside: it is necessary that from time to time we go to a specialist or take out our special tools (only if we are sure we know what we do) to disassemble the outer casing of the console and be able to clean it inside, since dust And accumulated dirt makes fans have a worse time working.
  • Remove the game disc if we are not using it: the DVD that includes our favorite game is an enemy of silence on the console, since every time it starts it will start to spin and add even more noise to the noise generated by the fans.
  • Reduce the temperature of the console : with all the tips that we have told you above, to avoid that the deafening noise of the games (some due to not being well optimized) prevents us from enjoying our game.

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