This is the new Microsoft Store on Xbox consoles: first look and features

Microsoft presents the new design of its digital store on Xbox consoles, a new interface faster, simpler and more secure; on Xbox Insider on August 5.

Microsoft has presented the new design of its digital store on Xbox consoles , a first look at the new interface design and many of its new features through an article published on its usual channels, also sharing screenshots of its different menus and announcing Its availability for users of the Xbox Insider program from August 5 , both in Spain and in the rest of the world.

New store faster, easier and safer

Thus, according to Cody Bird , Principal Program Manager on Xbox , in a shared article on Xbox Wire, the new Microsoft Store design for Xbox consoles in which they have been working for a long time from software development, aims to offer the user a much more experience fast, simple and safe .

This is the new Microsoft Store on Xbox consoles: first look and features

So much so, that the new Xbox store will be much faster than the current one, specifically, twice as fast in its access , in just 2 seconds, to which we must add a great fluidity of navigation through its numerous menus, with almost instantaneous jumps between pages and showing trailers in high definition.

In addition, a lot of work has been done to offer a much simpler and minimalist appearance , with cleaner and much tidier menus; also the search system, the new lists of desired games or the shopping cart have received their respective updates, in addition to a new purchase and transaction system structured around the different Xbox generations for the benefit of a clear acquisition of backward compatible games, especially from Xbox One for the acquisition of Xbox 360 and Xbox games.

Store security has also been one of the key aspects of the new version of the Microsoft digital store with a new parental control system for underage players or new content filters to restrict access to what content by of the smallest, both in games and audiovisual content.

This is the new Microsoft Store on Xbox consoles: first look and features

All this from August 5 for certain users of the Xbox Insider program , whose access will be extended over the next few weeks and months until an eventual definitive launch, still to be finalized.

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