The company’s next smartphone will not come to its September appointment, as Apple has recognized.

So, in short: the iPhone 12 is late. And this time it is not a rumour, nor a leaked data. It is official, because Apple itself has recognized it. The company’s next mobile will miss its usual appointment in September, and the new date is not known. It may be October or November, since Apple indicates that it will be delayed “several weeks”.

The delay of a

Just yesterday we were echoing information published on the Engadget website: Qualcomm reported on its third-quarter 2020 earnings, pointing out to its investors that they expected in the next results for the fourth and last quarter of the year “a partial impact caused by the delay in launching a global 5G flagship phone .”

The company that authored the Snapdragon processors that mount the vast majority of smartphones in the world did not say a brand or company about that terminal that would alter their plans. But according to the experts, it was not necessary: ​​He was talking about Apple and its imminent iPhone 12 5G.

Last June, B Broadcom – one of Apple’s top providers – warned investors that a major phone launch with no similar name could happen later than usual. And although he did not specifically mention Apple, he did say “a significant North American mobile phone company

Delayed iPhone 12 5G release

According to experts, the delay of the iPhone 12 would be minimal, going from leaving instead of the usual September to later during the following month, October 2020. A minimum delay but in the case of Cradcom it would take its toll, leading to this semiconductor manufacturer and Apple supplier, to record the benefits a quarter later.

Carolina Milanesi, Principal Analyst of Creative Strategies, pointed out to the Engadget website that “I imagine that this could be as simple as that the iPhone does not arrive the last week of the third quarter as it has in recent years. Such a delay would be online with the rumours coming from the supply chain, but it would not necessarily mean that the delay will impact Q4. “

Similarly, Anshel Sag, consumer technology and chip analyst at Moor Insights & Strategy, surmised that “it is very likely that it is Apple, especially considering that the most crucial period in the company’s development cycle was probably the most affected during the COVID-19 peak. “

Yes, the iPhone 12 is late.

 In a conference after the presentation of the results of the third quarter of its fiscal year 2020, the company’s chief financial officerLuca Maestri, confirmed the rumours that for months have revolved around the launch of the new iPhone due to delays caused by the coronavirus pandemic. According to the manager:

“Last year we started selling the new iPhones in late September. E ste year, we project that the supply will be available a few weeks later “.

Of course, we do not know when precisely the new top of the Apple range will come out. The only certainty is that the September date is missed, but those “weeks later” could delay it to October or perhaps to November. 

Blame the Coronavirus

The reason for this alleged delay? Although Apple does not go into details, according to experts, it should be excluded due to the event that has altered the entire world for almost half a year: The coronavirus pandemic, which prevented Apple workers from going to factories in China to finish orders, and the fact that many employees must have to operate from home.

In its investor call, Qualcomm Akash Palkhiwala said, “Our customers end up buying chipsets that make it easier to launch in a couple of months before launch. So what we see here is that because of the delay, part of those purchases are occurring in the September quarter and are taken into account in our guidance and another part would carry over to the December quarter. “

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