Microsoft is attempting to cure an odd issue that causes Desktop Windows Manager (DWM) to bomb when a client over and over opens and shuts their PC.

The issue allegedly influences workstations running any rendition of Windows 10 and arranged to work at 4K goal, regardless of whether using an external screen or the gadget show itself.

As per an ongoing Microsoft Support section, the DWM crash is brought about by a bug in the Microsoft DirectX Video Memory Management part and has nothing to do with an equipment issue.

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Windows 10 accident

First presented with Windows Vista, Desktop Windows Manager directs how any given application shows pixels on the screen.

“At the point when work area synthesis is empowered, singular windows no longer attract straightforwardly to the screen or essential showcase gadget as they did in past variants of Windows,” clarifies documentation on the Microsoft site.

“Rather, their attracting is diverted to off-screen surfaces in video memory, which are then delivered into a work area picture and introduced on the showcase.”

The Windows 10 component is answerable for empowering specific visualizations attached to work area exercises and supporting high goal shows, including 4K.

As indicated by individuals from different online discussions, DWM accidents can have a scope of various impacts, going from the minor to the weakening.

A few clients discovered their work area symbols had been revamped and resized; others couldn’t enact Windows Aero subjects (which bolster 3D window exchanging, taskbar sneak peeks, and straightforwardness), while the unluckiest were served a dark screen, fixable just with a restart.

As exhibited by two situations set out by Microsoft, the issue is possibly activated if various explicit standards are met.

Situation 1:

  • You plug an HDMI screen into a PC is running Windows 10
  • The screen is arranged to work at 4K goal.
  • You over and overplay a 4K H264 video in Movies and TV on the PC
  • In Control Panel, you open the Advanced settings screen of the Power Options thing, and afterward, you set the Lid close activity as Do nothing.
  • While the 4K video is playing back, you over and over close and open the PC top.

Situation 2:

  • You interface two 4K screens to a Thunderbolt 3 docking station.
  • You interface a PC with a 4K arrangement screen to the docking station, and afterward, you design a triple 4K show setup in either “clone” or “broaden” mode.
  • You over and over undock and redock the PC
  • The organization is now attempting to convey a fix for the DirectX issue. However, it has not determined when that may show up.

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