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With Android 11 folding gradually into see, it merits recollecting that not all of the highlights that Google adds to its portable working framework make it into each telephone, with every maker adopting a somewhat extraordinary strategy.

As XDA Engineers reports, Google makes proposals about which Android highlights are absolute necessities for outsider telephone producers, and which are just discretionary – and an early form of those suggestions for Android 11 has quite recently spilled out.

There are three key highlights that makers don’t need to remember for their variant of Android 11. The first is the choice of brilliant home controls that spring up with a long push on the force button, letting you rapidly turn off your keen lights or whatever else.

  • Your total manual for Dolby Atmos Music
  • Climate applications to supplant your present one.
  • A portion of the later Simpsons’ best scenes

Handset producers other than Google won’t need to incorporate this – however, they may well decide to do so. On the other hand, they may choose to execute their interpretation of the component, with a couple of additional extravagant accessories or an alternate interface.

Carry on reasonably

The second discretionary component is the gathering of discussions in the warnings pull-down board. Naturally, Android 11 will shield cautions from informing applications separate from different notices, yet this methodology won’t be obligatory for everybody.

Any semblance of Samsung, Sony, LG, Xiaomi, and the rest frequently mess with how warnings take a shot at their adaptations of Android, so it’s maybe nothing unexpected. This is one component that is remembered for the discretionary class.

At long last, the last element that won’t be an absolute necessity have is the new office for putting away personality archives in a protected storage on your telephone – Google needs to make it workable for you to store records like your driver’s permit in a bolted away piece of your phone. However, different producers won’t need to take action accordingly.

These proposals may change before Android 11 dispatches in full, yet it’s something to keep an eye out for. If makers need to keep Google applications and administrations on their telephones, they need to submit to these principles – however, it looks like these three highlights will be discretionary.


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