Indeed, even before the Android 11 Designer Review, Google this year declared that the up and coming operating system would present 62 new characters, just as 55 skin tone and sexual orientation variations. The new emoticon is not yet usable in Android 11 Beta 1. However, a glance at increasingly last structures have been imparted to us today.

The Unicode Consortium point by point the new Emoticon 13.0 augmentations in January to allow stage sellers to make their variants and actualize. Google for this release proposed and got received sexual orientation variations for “individual in a cloak,” “individual in a tuxedo,” and “individual taking care of the infant with a jug.” Then, it joined forces with Microsoft on a transgender banner.

Beta 1 (and the prior designer sneak peeks) do include a portion of the new emoticon, however those are likely not the last plan. While they are not yet open from Gboard, you can review by replicating from Emojipedia and gluing into a book field.

Today, we were furnished with refreshed structures for the 117 new Android 11 emoticon, and you can review them beneath. There are a few changes to the new characters, while Google has likewise changed existing attitudes. For instance, there is a significant patch up for creature emoticon, with specific ones returning to the “mass”- period style.

With two new betas arranged, Google could refresh the emoticon structures again before the purchaser dispatch.

Under “Smileys and Feeling,” we have “grinning face with tear” and “masked face,” while “Individuals and Body” gain:

squeezed fingers, anatomical heart, lungs, ninja, individual in a tuxedo, individual with cover, the lady taking care of an infant, the man taking care of the child, individual seeking the care of infant, mix Claus, individuals embracing

“Creatures and Nature” sees the expansion of:

dark feline, buffalo, mammoth, beaver, polar bear, dodo, quill, seal, creepy-crawly, cockroach, fly, worm, pruned plant

The ever-famous “Food and Drink” classification brings a few delicious emoticon:

blueberries, olive, ringer pepper, flatbread, tamale, fondue, tea kettle, bubble tea

Travel and Places:

rock, wood, cottage, pickup truck, roller skate


enchantment wand, piñata, settling dolls, sewing needle, tie


strap shoe, military cap, accordion, long drum, coin, boomerang, carpentry saw, screwdriver, snare, stepping stool, lift, reflect, window, unclogger, mousetrap, pail, toothbrush, tombstone, notice

There’s additionally the transgender image and transgender banner:


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