GTA Online’s last major upgrade arrived at near the end of 2019 at the kind of this Diamond Casino Heist. This brand new growth has been an evolution of this game’s past Diamond Casino Resort DLC from earlier in the year.

It is a fair question, particularly with a launch for GTA 6 years (not months) away.

Additional to this, the latest Take-Two Interactive earnings forecast, which happened on May 20, indicated there would be many more updates coming into the match within the upcoming fiscal year.

In Addition to announcing some Amazing sales amounts for GTA 5 and Red Dead Redemption two, Take-Two Interactive also declared Rockstar Games provides”a range of gameplay improvements for both Red Dead Online and GTA Online.”

We all know that Rockstar Games are working on’something’ the issue is, what is it?

Some fans of this sport, for example, BadgerGoodger, have theorized that the most evident update could arrive in the shape of brand new Grand Theft Auto: Online radio channels as gamers may have noticed using the Diamond Casino upgrade.

To catch you up in case you are unsure who these men are, or why they ought to matter so far as GTA goes, ZillaKami has ghost-written for controversial rapper 6ix9ine and has been caught up in the play revolving around his latest incarceration.

ZillaKami’s half-brother that moves by Righteous P published a photo rockstar x-ray City Morgue’, on his Instagram narrative — teasing some job with the programmer of the GTA franchise.

Beneath the assertion that both were working together?

Even after that, some radio stations are comparatively small fry. So Rockstar Games are likely a more substantial update to the match.

The good thing is that we may not have too long to wait.

Rockstar Games pro TezFunz2 has shared his view with supporters that the next upgrade will fall”June-July” and further to this advised followers on Twitter:

Usually, upgrades are preceded by a few alterations to the match. Even little ones that are subtle.

By way of instance, we watched coming soon’ sign appearing away from the casino construction before it shifted into the full-scale Diamond Casino & Resort DLC.

And up to soon, the has meant little in the way of real updates to the match that would indicate any significant game changes.

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