Dozens of Android telephone owners are reporting social websites a picture with a lake, a cloudy sunset along with a green coastline is popping their handsets once used as background.

The insect makes the display turn off and on continuously. Sometimes a factory reset is necessary.

The BBC doesn’t advise trying it all out.

A tweet about the problem has had tens of thousands of likes and re-tweets, with a few reporting that their phone has been changed.

Tech journalist Bogdan Petrovan in Android Authority stated the bug didn’t influence his Huawei 20 Guru. However, it did trigger a Google Pixel two to malfunction.

“After placing the picture in question for a background, the telephone instantly crashed. It tried to reboot, but the display would always turn off and on, which makes it impossible to maneuver the safety display,” he noticed.

Restarting the apparatus in secure mode (by holding down the volume button throughout boot-up) didn’t correct the matter.”

The launching event for Android 11 was expected to occur this week but was postponed.

There has been a formal reason given for the insect, but programmer Dylan Roussel, that writes in 9to5Google tweeted his concept.

“As electronic photos have improved in quality, telephones will need to assess what the picture’color space’ would be to work out how to display it correctly,” they stated.

“It is the way the cellphone knows how to exhibit precisely the ideal color of green, for instance.

“There are various methods for defining the color space. Some spaces have expert applications in graphic design, and occasionally you will see pictures that are not from the normal conventional RGB’ format. It is possible to intentionally create pictures with more color information than a few devices can deal with.

“What has happened here is that how some mobiles address these instances has gone wrong.

“The telephone crashes since it doesn’t understand how to take care of it properly, and the applications developers probably had not believed this could occur.”


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