The Android 11 beta upgrade is currently out in the wild as two individuals have received it as an OTA notification.
The first beta of Android 11 now has no official launching date, which makes this very compact rollout look to crash.
Update: XDA’s Mishaal Rahman was tweeting a couple of new attributes in the Android 11 beta. We are going to list these below.

Three brand new icon contours:

Revamped electricity menu and preferences:

New media controls at the fast settings (known as”networking resumption”):

New alternatives to control program suggestions from the Pixel Launcher:

New submenu for bubble alarms:

Initial post: We anticipated the initial Android 11 beta to start formally on Wednesday. But, Google postponed the event over the weekend. Though it did not say as much, it is very likely the date shift is a result of the continuing protests around the USA associated with the passing of George Floyd. Since Google didn’t issue a fresh date, we’re in the dark as to when the initial beta of Android 11 will land.

But, Mishaal Rahman of all XDA Programmers submitted to Twitter now saying that he has learned from two tipsters the Android 11 beta is currently trickling out. The two tipsters seemingly own Google Pixel 4 XL tablets and watched an OTA upgrade. To put it differently, these are not manual downloads that they discovered online — that the only sensible explanation is that Google pushed out them.

Pay attention to the OTA telling for Android 11 beta under.


Regrettably, there is no changelog attached to this, so we can not see what gaps there could be in the fourth Android 11 programmer preview as well as the newest Android 11 beta. But, both of these users will follow through with all the upgrades, and changes may be forthcoming. We’ll keep a watch on Twitter.

From the grand scheme of things, this is not too big of a deal. Google will likely launch the Android 11 beta app shortly — not on Wednesday. However, with no firm release date, it is anybody’s guess as to when we could see it property formally.

We achieved to Google to get a comment on what is occurring here, but we did not hear back before publishing. We’ll update this guide should the firm provide us an announcement.


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