In an ordinary year, Google I/O would mark the release of a new Android Studio version. While there hasn’t been a Google I/O occasion this year, the Android team has still seen fit to launch Android Studio 4.0 today, complete with brand new Android app design tools.

Last year in Google I/O, Android Studio 3.5 released with intensely few new features, instead focusing almost entirely on performance and stability enhancements, in an effort known as Project Marble. In contrast, Android Studio 4.0, as announced on the Android Developer blog, includes a vast swath of new features worthy of a bump from 3.x to 4.x.

The fascinating features developers will find in Android Studio 4.0 are new tools to help in designing your programs. Meanwhile, the Layout Inspector and Layout Validation tools enable you to preview your app’s layout in 3D or over multiple screen sizes, respectively.

Android app developers will also have the ability to benefit from developments such as a redesigned CPU Profiler and also the ability to use code completion on your code shrinking rules files. Be sure to check out Google’s Android Studio 4.0 recap movie and complete release notes for additional information.


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  • CPU Profiler upgrade: improvements to create the UI more intuitive to navigate and the information easier to understand
  • R8 rules update: smart editor attributes for your code shrinker rules, such as syntax highlighting, completion, and error checking.
  • IntelliJ IDEA 2019.3 platform upgrade with performance and quality enhancements.
  • Live Template upgrade: Android-specific live templates for your Kotlin code
  • Clang service: Clangd and Clang-Tidy turned on by default


  • Build Analyzer: understand and address bottlenecks in your build
  • Java 8 speech support upgrade: APIs you can use regardless of your program’s minimum API level
  • Feature-on-feature dependencies: define dependencies between Dynamic Feature modules
  • build features DSL: disable or enable discrete build attributes, like Data Binding
  • Kotlin DSL: crucial support for Kotlin DSL script files

As always, you can download Android Studio 4.0 for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Chrome OS directly on the Android Developers website, or update your existing installation from within the app.

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