Scam calls are a nuisance. Particularly when you’re not thinking about any of it. Thankfully, there is a means around it. You’re able to block numbers on many Android mobiles these days, and the process of doing so is straightforward.

So whether it’s a number, you do not recognize persistently calling you, or only a sales call you couldn’t be less interested in, follow the steps below. With a few manufacturers using their phone app, the procedure can be slightly different depending on which phone you have, but it’s mostly similar. Regardless, we have broken down a few of the more popular brands under.

Most Android mobiles
In case you have a Pixel, OnePlus, or another Android phone like an affordable Nokia or Motorola phone that mostly uses Google’s inventory apps as the defaults, then your procedure is simple.

Open the telephone program
Tap on the background’ tab
Harness the three dots next to the amount you want to obstruct
Select’Block Number’
When you have blocked it, you can see your blocked numbers in the Phone app by tapping the three dots at the upper corner, picking’Settings’ and then blocking settings.’ In this next screen, you will see’Blocked numbers.’ If you’ve added one by error, and will need to remove it from the listing, press on the’.


Samsung phones
If you have a Samsung, you will not be using Google’s phone app; you’ll be using the sole Samsung has developed and designed for its variant of Android.

Open the phone program
Select’Recents’ tab
Tap on the amount you want to block
Harness the’
Select the block’icon on the rear session
To view your list of blockednumbers, tap the three-dot menu icon in the top right corner of the Phone app’s main screen. Select’Settings’ and then stop amounts.’

Huawei/Honor telephones
Huawei and Honor phones use Huawei’s very own EMUI software built together with Android, and the procedure is like, but only a little different.

Open the phone app
Tap the’ icon next to the telephone number you need to obstruct
Tap the three dot’More’ icon in the bottom of the screen
Select’Block touch’
If, for any reason, you need to see a list of your blocked numbers, all you want to do is open the phone app and tap the three-dot menu icon in the top right corner and choose’Blocked,’ now tap the preferences cog icon in the upper corner. The following screen has a ‘Blocklist’ onto it. Tap on this, and you will see a list of any blocked amounts.

Oppo/Realme telephones
Oppo uses its ColorOS skin, including its phone program, as does Realme, and so that the process differs again, but it nothing impossible. In the latest version of ColorOS, the process is as follows:

Open the phone app
Tap the’ icon next to the amount you want to obstruct
Harness the two-dot menu icon at the upper right corner
Select’Add to blacklist.’
Then, start the phone app and tap on the two-dot menu in the upper corner to then view your blacklist or obstructed numbers list. Select’Block & Filter’, and now you’ll see any blocked calls or messages. Harness the two-dot menu icon in the top corner select’ Set rules’ and after that’ Blacklist.’


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