We are just a couple of weeks away from the initial Pixel telephone’s assumed launching date for 2020. But, we may already have a good idea about what the Google Pixel 4a price might be. Additionally, we may even have a notion of the beginning price of this Google Pixel 5.

An individual on Reddit obtained a Google survey inquiring about telephone pricing. You can see the picture below, which jobs the consumer with picking between two Pixel telephones and providing them fundamental descriptions of each:

The very first telephone (on the left) is probably talking about the Google Pixel 4a cost and fundamental description. The phone is expected to have a plastic structure, a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack, and a sub-$400 price. But, $349 is a much lower cost than we initially anticipated for the telephone, because the Google Pixel 3a begins at $399.

In case the telephone on the left indicates the Google Pixel 4a cost and other characteristics, the phone on the appropriate almost indeed refers to the forthcoming Google Pixel 5. The poll refers to this apparatus starting at $699, which will be $100 less expensive than the entry-tier cost of this Google Pixel 4 along with the Google Pixel 3.

We’ve heard relatively reliable rumors which the Pixel 5 lineup may ditch Snapdragon 800 series chips to go into a kind of”premium mid” tier.

Ignoring the possibility for leaked info, we’ve got questions concerning why this poll even exists. Can it be trying to ascertain which device is popular among people surveyed? This looks like a bizarre way to start doing both of these things.

No matter the Google Pixel 4a cost being $349 are some fantastic news since it might undercut the ideal budget smartphone started this season so much: the $399 iPhone SE.

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