The brand new site entry dives deep into various characteristics of the future DLC, where Dmitry Grigorenko, Lead Game Designer, provides insight to the vision in producing this latest installment.

The DLC will happen in a little town in France known as Marseilles, and it is a gorgeous place if you dismiss the zombies. Ironically the new map will probably be grounded in co-op elements significance that the new phase can play random gamers, but it is going to be beneficial if performed with a celebration of friends. The main reason being is that the programmers at Saber Interactive are pushing the co-op components somewhat more with this amount, as mentioned in the post.

“We have always strived to style our degrees, so they need a fantastic deal of teamwork but may also be finished using random players. This time we needed to push co-op part somewhat farther.”

The article has been saying that the map is not the only facet that’s new in this brand new content fall. A rocket launcher weapon is going to be soon added to your arsenal and also can allow you to take the hordes at a faster fashion. The theory behind the gun was supposed to tie in co-op components, which will impact the gameplay. Applying this weapon will need teamwork, though, will pay off if appropriately utilized.

“The key is that the launcher is hard to target: one player operates the controls while the other aids with targeting, while both of the other players should always hit the missiles and fend off the swarm. This arrangement needs a whole lot of collaboration between players — it is super busy and a great deal of fun.”

Owners of this season pass may download the package for free beginning tomorrow. Additionally, the DLC could be bought separately for $15.

Are you going to be snagging this name once it sparks tomorrow? Tell us in the comments down below and make sure you stay right here in Gameranx for the most recent gambling news releasing.


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