Seeing the present state of crisis in Japan, this flow was instead of the typical SAO flows focusing on the matches of this franchise, and concentrated on Alicization Lycoris. Additional SAO game manufacturers will likewise do flows, around once period weekly, focusing on SAOAL or even the cellular games. He had been asked about the game’s length, a potential Shift interface, returning characters along with lots of other things.

He said it is a challenging question to answer, but it”takes approximately 50 to 60 hours to conquer if you generally perform” as in doing sidequests on the way. He included it will take you longer to do this, and”if you merely rush the most important story, it is going to be about 30 hours”. He explained SAOAL is stuffed with optional quests and supervisors, and how growing studio Aquaria set a great deal of work from the discretionary material, so that he expects players will check it out.

At about 20 minutes, Producer Futami was requested if Sword Art Online Alicization Lycoris might get ported to Shift. He explained, “I can not tell you if we will do it or not, while it’s possible or not.”. He said to wait and watch, if they can do it, they will declare it, even if they do not, they will not. He could only give half replies like those to steer clear of players becoming frustrated or committing false hopes. He was also asked about a Change jack of SAO Hollow Fragment, and clarified they did consider it, but game development costs a good deal, such as doing a jack from 1 console to the next. Long story short, though a PS4 interface and PC port of Hollow Fragment were published, doing a Change interface is not possible for cash reasons for the time being.

Other things caused by flow:
SAOAL should not be postponed again: The game’s latest development program is taking into consideration the current conditions, so unless there is a radical change in the situation in Japan, it should not be postponed.

Alicization Lycoris and its own first story in the next half of this game focuses a good deal on creating Eugeo, Alice, and Kirito.

An enthusiast requested if Rain will probably be SAOAL. Producer Futami stated he couldn’t answer questions such as these for today. But in the minimum, it means it is not hopeless, just like the way he teased Silica. Also, he thought to look ahead to more info about the DLC, even though they can not show anything for the time being. Also, he mentioned they are pretty much done, creating the very first portion of this Premium Pass.

We also learned about how Alicization Lycoris’ development started around four decades ago, shortly after the launch of Hollow Realization.

Producer Futami also chatted about the way he wants to produce a match based on the Unital Ring arc daily, but how that is still far away, in the long run, the way they will need to complete adapting Alicization very first, and while he’d love to work as Producer to a match in this way, he would instead let a younger programmer take action. Also, he mentioned they would probably begin considering doing something in 2022, as that is when the SAO book and the Aincrad episode begins.

Producer Futami is so friendly and guide, unlike many manufacturers, and it revealed on flow as he replied many other random queries. He cried about his favorite scene in SAO Ordinal Scale, how all of the game manufacturers get together, etc.. He shares exciting stories of his life as a Producer on his Twitter. The official SAO Twitter also began a hashtag #SAOゲーム質問 to inquire along with the other manufacturers questions regarding the SAO games, which they will answer in forthcoming streams. They will likely look at Japanese composed inquiries. However, Producer Futami does reply to English questions occasionally on Twitter.

As a side note, brief event gameplay sequences have been exhibited at the close of the SAO War of Underworld rebroadcast at Japan, and later revealed on Twitter. This is one with the greatest boy Eugeo:

It is possible to read the most recent story details. Hopefully, that the pandemic and all will be accomplished by then, so preordering on Amazon, a July publishing match to encourage us, is not a wrong move in my book.


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