Despite Microsoft’s considerable promise of modification, Windows 10 users happen to be on a rotten streak of wrong upgrades lately. And now you want to be in your feet again.

Windows 10 updates are still causing difficulties

The always-excellent Windows Latest shows that Microsoft’s brand new KB4541335 upgrade is”wrecking PCs.” The website notes complaints are rising on Microsoft’s forums, Feedback Hub as well as its comments section. Here is what you want to understand.

The headline takeaway is this upgrade can do severe issues.

“My device bricked all evening and that I needed to detach and roll back again. In the end, after about 30 minutes, it flashed and that I can go to Settings and then pause upgrades per month. – origin.

While the current nightmare of Windows 10 net connectivity issues has returned from upgraders, together with broken Ethernet links and programs failing to get on the internet.

In the time of publication, Microsoft has employed the official KB4541335 upgrade page to warn users that the upgrade can lead to connectivity issues for VPNs. That is a familiar problem, but there isn’t any acknowledgment of those other issues users are having.

The fantastic news, for the time being, is KB4541335 stays an optional upgrade and thus doesn’t proactively seem to update your Windows 10 installment at this moment. For People Who have installed KB4541335 and are experiencing difficulties, you can uninstall with the next measures:

Yes, as called, here we are. Microsoft lately talked a fantastic game about its strategies to enhance Windows 10 updates. However, now the time for speaking has ceased.

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