PUBG was recently made to roll back an upgrade that enhanced obvious blood consequences after it had been discovered to be causing widespread match crashes.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds recently rolled out enhanced blood consequences, but immediately removed them as it turned out that they were inducing widespread crashes for gamers. The new blood results have been a part of a regular hotfix meant to fix some performance issues. However, PUBG is responsible for some much more significant changes in its forthcoming season seven, according to what was shown in a current trailer.

Recent revelations of mismanagement in PUBG Esports also have known as the viability of skilled PUBG play right into query. However, PUBG Corporation is continuing to upgrade the game using both tiny tweaks and essential upgrades, such as a favorite movement to allow PlayStation 4 and Xbox One gamers to set up in precisely the same party.

Occasionally even the best intentions can go awry, as was the situation with the current upgrade that shifted blood effects. More than merely creating the match’s blood splatter seem somewhat more helpful, the upgraded results were meant to offer a better visual sign of strikes, helping to level the playing field between players with the default color style and colorblind manner. That upgrade had an unexpected effect on functionality, however, causing crashes for several gamers. Because of this, the PUBG Service Twitter accounts declared that the programmer was deploying a hotfix to eliminate the new blood effects for now. States that it is pleased with the way that the brand new results look and plans to reintroduce them when they may be added back in without affecting equilibrium.

PUBG may be notoriously tough to get to new players, making improvements to readability even more significant. It is only one thing that PUBG Corp. is taking to making the sport longer welcoming, though. PUBG included a team deathmatch style in March, which delivers a more forgiving play experience compared to its typical battle royale style, and participant response was positive up to now. The programmer even lately requested players to help develop with the principles for PUBG’s rated competitive mode by getting involved in a playtest and supplying feedback subsequently.

While it’s disappointing to see PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds roll back its upgraded blood effects, it is a fantastic indication the PUBG Corp. has been ready to act fast when issues surfaced. Maybe even more heartening is how the programmer is handling a significant availability alternative head-to-head when such critical areas of matches tend to be ignored or downplayed.


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