Apple iPhone owners couldn’t be blamed for racing to update to Apple iOS 13.4. It attracts a lorry load of new features, but sadly, it’s also filled with problems.

Apple iOS 13.4 is providing iPhones a rugged ride

Inside my iOS 13.4 Upgrade Guide yesterday, I’d identified a worrying amount of bugs, but not only have they increased in the period since there is a new headline difficulty Apple has confirmed that can leave your information exposed.

Found by available VPN support Proton, Apple iOS 13.4 includes a security vulnerability that prevents your information from being procured once using a VPN on your iPhone. Proton clarifies that iOS 13.4 neglects to shut existing unsecured relations as soon as your VPN is now started, and”a few are long-lasting and will stay open for minutes to hours away from the VPN tunnel.”

This can be hugely significant for almost any iPhone proprietor who uses a VPN to safeguard their sensitive information. And, most worryingly, Proton clarifies that it initially found the insect in iOS 13.3.1 and informed Apple – that confessed it but has since neglected to supply any following repair, even though iOS 13.4 coming out nearly two weeks afterward.

“Neither ProtonVPN nor some other VPN service could offer a workaround for this particular issue because iOS doesn’t allow a VPN program to kill current network relations,” Proton describes. It proposes launching your VPNturning AirPlane manner off and on as a means to kill busy links away from the VPN; however, this works for Apple’s Always-on VPN as it demands device direction, to which no third party VPNs have accessibility.


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