Reports are emerging, which still another Windows 10 upgrade is causing difficulties for those that have downloaded and installed.

It had been supposed to attract a range of security fixes; although this was likely to be a little upgrade, it seems Microsoft’s recent custom of releasing updates that break more stuff than they mend has struck.

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As stated by Windows newest, this new upgrade, which will be for Windows 10 variants 1909 and 1903 — the two latest significant options of Windows 10 — is allegedly causing a few people’s PCs to crash and display the most dreaded Blue Screen of Death.

As reported by a writer of Windows Newest, “After installing it, I began having BSOD every time that I began my PC. The only solution I was switching back to a previous restore point of a few days past.”

There also have been people on Reddit reporting problems since installing the upgrade, and though the amount of instances appears low, it’s growing.

More issues
While the most frequent problem with Windows 10 KB4540673 appears to be PCs randomly crashing — a single user reported that his PC crashing while playing CS: GO — additional users have reported that the upgrade takes an extended time to download and then set up.

The other user has also promised the upgrade brings back the temporary user bug, which replaces the default Windows 10 user accounts using a new temporary one, removing any desktop icons or customizations. This was a problem that plagued a lot of people as it had been contained in a prior Windows 10 upgrade.

What do you need to do?
If you have downloaded the Windows 10 KB4540673 upgrade and are experiencing any problems, the best method to repair the issue is to uninstall the update.

In the window that appears, click’Windows Update’ on the left-handed menu, then view upgrade history.’

Click’Uninstall upgrades’ then pick KB4540673 to reinstall it. The issues should now be repaired.

Microsoft has yet to comment on those new troubles, and as we mentioned so far, it looks like the issues are not too prevalent. If you put in the upgrade and you have not experienced any problems, then you are going to be kind to keep with it all installed.


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