he sport of Rust is about security and protection. This guide explains the new Computer Station and every Monument camera’s unique identifier.

Rust is a game where survival is essential and in any time all of the things a participant had worked so hard for could be removed in an instant. Together with the March 2020 update programmer, Facepunch Studios added functional Closed Circut Television Cameras into Rust. This movement essentially allows players to access cameras concealed all around the map, as well as lets them set their own camera systems around their bases. Setting up the cameras is a simple task and only requires some blessed finds in arbitrary crates enclosing the island maps.

This move is one that is debated by players of Rust, with a saying that it gives too much power to bigger clans who can afford to keep a few players always watching about the cameras. This could basically put a halt to sneaky raids by other gamers and make it harder to get a solo or duo party to make progress in the sport. Others are very pleased to see that the addition of cameras in Rust, saying it removes the guessing game of when certain monuments have been taken over by rival clans and will actually boost the contesting of those prime areas. Whichever side you fall on it is still entertaining to check out all of the websites of Rust without ever leaving the protection of your perfectly crafted foundation.

How To Make A Computer Station In Rust
The first thing players will have to access the cameras hidden around Rust servers is a computer channel. Luckily, the blueprint for the station is a default one so it is easily made. It will require a degree 1 workbench to craft. The ingredients of this blueprint are listed below.

Most of these items are located in Supply Drops or hidden inside crates at Monuments. After crafted and gathered, the player may then place their computer station down into their foundation and access the main display. That is where they will enter in the unique identifiers that provide players a birds-eye view of their own map.

All Camera Identifiers In Rust
When the Display Station is mounted the participant will be displayed a blank display. In the bottom left cornerthey will find a text box with the words”Identifier to Insert”. This is where you are able to type out each identifier necessary for your own Computer Station. As each one is typed it will be added to the list above to make it easier to get later. The IDs below will be for each camera distribute through the maps in Rust. Remembernot all servers have all monuments so that you may encounter an ID that will not work on your particular server.


Little Oil Rig

Enormous Oil Rig



Bandit Camp

Players will also have the ability to place their own cameras around by mounting one of the numerous CCTV Cameras found randomly round the island. Doing this will alert the player to nearby raiders on the prowl and help give players a much-needed alert when things are just about to go down.

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