Month: May 2020

Microsoft cuts editorial staff, to replace them with AI: Report

Microsoft is allegedly laying off 50 news manufacturing employees and replacing them with artificial intelligence (AI) — established calculations to execute their editorial responsibilities. As per a report from the Seattle Times on Saturday, approximately 50 workers are notified, “their services could no more be required past June 30”. These news manufacturing contractors operate with […]

This Week in Apps: Facebook launches trio of app experiments, TikTok gets spammed, plus coronavirus impacts on app economy

Greet back to ThisWeek in Apps; the Extra Crunch show recaps the most recent OS information, the software they support, and the cash flows through it all. Individuals are currently spending hours and 40 minutes daily with programs, rivaling TV. Programs are not only a means to pass idle hours; they’re a huge enterprise. In […] © 2020 Frontier Theme